Sex Trends of The Next Decade


With the advent of 2020, the new decade is goingto paint your life with new trends to follow. It could be traversing to unknown unsung lands or could be hilltop romantic conversation, even more, intimacy affection and physical care are supposed to happen in the decade to come.

Since intimacy, love, lust, and sex would be the key – Why not we should update ourselves with the trending things to happen in the arena.

Best 5 Sex Trends for 2020

Spicing up bed romance would be the most prominent idea. Irrespective of your partner being romantic or not, sex would be the happening force behind casual relationships to continue in the next years.

According to the researches in the recent past, people love to experiment more with their body and that idea is fanned by their kinky thoughts.

The sex trend in the year 2020 is going to go beyond the traditional sex toys. Women too will have a lead and change the old fashioned and the obsolete ways of doing sex.

CBD and sex

Recreational marijuana is now being accepted widely and many states have legalized it too. This could be a big welcome in the sex industry because we all are aware of the relation between consuming marijuana and how it increases libido. CBD helps to increase blood flow in the genitals and this leads to arousal.

Gender-neutral sex toys

Sex toys have always been there but the new trend could go more towards the gender-neutral sex toys. Also, the trending sex market could introduce sex toys that can transform to offer perfect stimulation. Which means that instead of carrying many sex toys, a single-sex toy can work as a cock ring, vibrator, G-spot stimulator and offer any other function that you would like to perform?


Technology has penetrated every industry today so why leave the sex industry behind? You would soon see an emerging trend in this industry with an insurgence of the tech sex toys. Virtual sex robots and virtual hook-ups are soon going to be a reality. Be ready to embrace the sex doll robots and enjoy the much-needed intimacy, though not with a human.

Faking orgasm

There is also going to be a surprising change in women and how they see sex. This is a major shift in the trend which in turn would let one and all lead a happy and satisfying sex life. There is going to be a change in a trend where people will be more open about their sexual feelings which means an end to faking pleasure.

Sexual wellness

There is going to be a surprising sex trend change in schools too where children would be taught about sex in the appropriate and right way. Shame will no more be attached to sex and sex will be viewed as something that is normal and natural. Mindful sex is the new trend of the decade.

So get ready to embrace this major shift in the surprising sex trends and also be ready to see a healthy shift in people’s mindset about sex.

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